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Instagram Live Post Report

Our latest Instagram Live session on May 26, 2024, "Elevating Standards: A Worldwide Journey in Aesthetic Education and Certification," focused on the discussion of certification requirements for our specialty, including challenges, pitfalls, aesthetic education's role in shaping the industry's future, patient safety and quality standards, and insights. 

We thank our respected panelists, who enriched the discussion with their knowledge and experience. The exchange united the different issues that are encountered worldwide concerning training and accreditation in aesthetic plastic surgery.

The discussion was led by:

Karishma Kagodu, MD - Assistant National Secretary of India
Matthew Yeo, MD - National Secretary of Singapore
Egiehiokhin Isiwele, MD - National Secretary of Nigeria
Ivar van Heijningen, MD - Chair of the ISAPS Certification Committee

We invite you to revisit the discussion and learn more about this topic and how ISAPS supports education and certification.

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