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M4: Webinar - Strategic Leadership for Surgeons

The ISAPS L.I.F.T. Program is a new educational initiative offering transformative and impactful learning resources beneficial to ISAPS member surgeons seeking to develop their leadership skills as they practice.

This L.I.F.T. Webinar, with Speakers Richard Jolly (United States), Eva Siolo (South Africa), and Facilitator Andy Craggs (United Kingdom) explores how to think more strategically as a surgeon building your personal and professional profile and your practice. 

As surgeons, we all strive to achieve excellence in our patient outcomes, our medical practice, and our professional development. This interactive session aims to help you explore your potential as a medical professional in a panel format that includes Professor Richard Jolly of Kellogg Northwestern Business School, who is a globally recognized authority on Leadership, Power Dynamics, and Change. He will share some advice for ISAPS surgeons seeking to build their careers and reputation, and how to further take up one's authority for professional impact.

The panel also includes Eva Siolo, an ISAPS surgeon from South Africa, who will speak about her own experience building her brand and career.

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Read Delegation, the article Richard Jolly refers to in the webinar here.

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