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ISAPS Virtual Olympiad 2020: Face I

Featuring 50 top speakers from 5 continents, this event covered a variety of groundbreaking topics in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.

Session: Face I

Moderator: Dr. Vakis Kontoes (Greece)

Speakers: Dr. Kuni Nohira (Japan), Dr. Fausto Viterbo (Brazil), Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson (Australia), Dr. Jim Grotting (USA), Dr. Francisco Bravo (Spain) and Hector Gonzalez-Miramontes (Mexico).

Lecture Topics:

  • Reappraisal of Subcutaneous Forehead Lift with an Anterior Hairline Incision - Dr. Kuni Nohira
  • GBL (Gliding Brown Lifting): Beginning and Some Evolutions - Dr. Fausto Viterbo
  • Lower Neck Rejuvenation Using a Modified Fogli Vertical Platysmaplasty -Dr.  Darryl Hodgkinson
  • Do Endoscopic Brow Lifts Hold Up Long-Term? - Dr. Jim Grotting
  • Indications for Deep Neck Lift in Facial Rejuvenation - Dr. Francisco Bravo
  • Ritidoplasty: True Concept and Why Super High SMAS - Dr. Hector Gonzalez-Miramontes

Recorded at the ISAPS Virtual Olympiad on 5 September, 2020.