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Surgical Facial and Body Cadaver Course

Cadaver course taking place at ISAPS World Congress 2024, Cartagena.

The Surgical Face and Body Cadaver Dissection Course will take place on June 15, 2024, and will have a duration of 120 minutes.

This 120-minute course will feature theory and dissection of fresh frozen specimens, led by an international team of experienced plastic surgeons who will share their knowledge, techniques, and tips to help improve your skills, knowledge, and practice in face and body aesthetic plastic surgery.


Face (50 minutes + 10 minutes discussion)

Dr Dirk Richter (Germany) - Periorbital Anatomy
Dr Gerald O’Daniel (USA) - Lip Lift
Dr Ozan Sozer (USA) - Scarless Lift
Dr Patrick Tonnard (Belgium) - MACS Lift
Dr Mario Pele-Ceravolo (Italy) - Neck Lift

Torso and Breast (50 minutes + 10 minutes discussion)

Dr Alvaro Cansancao (Brazil) and Dr Alexandra Conde-Green (USA) - Male Lipo ULTRA HD + Gluteal Codes 
Dr Mauricio Viaro (Brazil) - Female Lipo HD + Ugraft
Dr Raul Manzaneda Cipriani (Peru) - Rib / Waist remodelling
Dr Juan Seren (Argentina) - Fast Track Breast Augmentation
Dr Adel Bark (Brazil) - Multiplanes Mastopexy

Join us in Cartagena.