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Dr. Javier de Benito

Apply to visit Dr. Javier de Benito if you are an ISAPS Resident or Associate member.

Barcelona, Spain
Dr. Javier de Benito

Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Javier De Benito

Dr. Javier De Benito

  • Instituto Javier de Benito

We are offering a 1 to 3-month observership training in aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine. Our program is unique because it offers robust exposure to aesthetic surgery by our full-time faculty members who specialize in various fields of aesthetic surgery. Our visitors attend and run our weekly academic meetings, presenting recent publications in plastic surgery journals or a topic of interest. In addition to the hands-on clinical experience, our program focuses on safety and ethical practice. Visitors are required to complete an abstract or a clinical manuscript by the end of their observership. Adequate and clear photography is taught during the fellowship, in addition to public speaking in societal meetings.

Instituto De Benito


Interested in visiting Dr. Javier de Benito at Instituto De Benito?

Useful Information


The duration of this visit is 1-3 months.


No, licensure is not required for this visit. However, candidates should be either in their last year of training or have completed (in less than 2 years) their training at a plastic surgery program recognized by the official national society. Candidates must provide one letter of recommendation from their plastic surgery program director and another from an ISAPS member.


The ISAPS Expert program does not provide a salary.


Housing will not be provided during your visit.