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Prof. Ernst-Magnus Noah

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Kassel, Germany
ISAPS Experts Prof. Ernst-Magnus Noah

Kassel, Germany

Prof. Ernst-Magnus Noah

Prof. Ernst-Magnus Noah

  • Noahklinik
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In 2020 we established the private Noahklinik located in the center of Kassel, Germany. We focus on aesthetic treatments with a broad spectrum of non surgical to surgical techniques.

Non-surgically, we have injection techniques daily, endolaser technologies, CO2 technologies, ultrasound skin treatment, and the broad spectrum of cosmetic technologies.

Surgically, we offer all types of body forming, breast surgery, eyelid and facelifts. I am specialist in deep plane techniques in face and autoprothesis breast surgery with and without implants and Lipofilling.

Occasionally, we do hand surgery and skin tumor reconstruction. In addition we conduct several clinical studies and give teaching courses on injectables and surgeries.

Please note this is an observership.



Interested in visiting Prof. Ernst-Magnus Noah at Noahklinik?

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The duration of this visit is 2-4 weeks.


You need to be a fully certified doctor and be enrolled in a plastic surgery program or a full board certified plastic surgeon.


The ISAPS Expert program does not provide a salary.


Housing is not provided.