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Bio|SCIENCE: The Aesthetic Mastery Live Webinar: Safety Parameters for Gluteal Volume Correction with HA Fillers

World-renowned experts will present a safe approach for gluteal volume correction using macromolecular hyaluronic acid fillers. 

You will understand the key aspects of the product rheology that make an HA filler safe and optimal for gluteal augmentation. 

Speakers: Dr. Henry Delmar, France | Dr. Hema Sundaram, UK | Dr. Massimiliano Brambilla, Italy | Dr. Carmelo Crisafulli, UAE

Moderator: Dr. Naveen Cavale, UK


  • How to apply ISAPS Safety Guidelines in daily practice
  • Technique and safety with gluteal fillers
  • Science and safety of HA fillers
  • Open discussion: Safety on gluteal volume correction with HA fillers
  • Questions and answers

Webinar Start Time: 13:00 UTC