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Mentor: Breast Implant Virtual Partners in Education Series Q4: A North American Perspectives Hot Topics Panel Discussion



8PM - 9PM (EST)


Please join us for our Q4 2022 Virtual Partners in Education Series. A North American collaborative open round-table panel discussion with breast implant safety expert, toxicologist, Dr. Roger Wixtrom and three board-certified plastic surgeons: Dr. Patricia McGuire, Dr. Mathew Mosher, and Dr. Brian Thornton. Our panelists will share new study findings and provide unique perspectives around relevant breast implant topics with allotted time for interactive audience Q&A. Topics to include:

  • Microbes, Histology, Blood Analysis, Endotoxins, and Cytokines: Findings From the ASERF Systemic Symptoms in Women Biospecimen Analysis Study - Part 3
  • FDA’s Breast Implant-Associated Squamous Cell Carcinoma (BIA-SCC) safety communication
  • Handling asymptomatic, non-pathologic capsule patients with textured implants
  • And more...

Intended Audience

This event has been designed for plastic surgeons of all levels of experience who wish to enhance their understanding of the latest breast implant topics with the goal of delivering better patient outcomes.