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ISAPS - APS Journal Club - A New Technique in Calf Volumization

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The ISAPS - APS Journal Club sessions are webinars that focus on a featured topic drawn from recent publications in APS, where we hold in-depth discussions between authors and subject experts. Attendees are also able to contribute to the discussion by asking questions to the author and subject experts.

Join moderator Alejandro Monsalve to discuss the following paper:

 A New Technique for Remodelling and Increasing the Diameter of the Legs through Lipotransfer and Vertical Subcutaneous Fasciotomy of the Posterior Tibial Aponeurosis - Ignacio Añorve Borquez

Speaker: Ignacio Añorve Borquez, Md (Mexico)

Experts: Jesus Benito Ruiz, Md (Spain) and Huseyin Guner, Md (Turkiye)

Moderator: Alejandro Monsalve (Colombia)