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Award Lectures and Presentations

ISAPS Olympiad Athens World Congress featured special award lectures: the established Ohmori lectures, two new award lectures for top papers in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, as well as new presentation awards in all topic tracks and categories. All accepted abstract presentations were eligible for our session awards.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we are delighted to invite you to the ISAPS Olympiad Athens World Congress 2023 Awards Ceremony on September 2, 2023, from 16:15 in the Trianti Auditorium.

The Awards Ceremony is a culmination of the ISAPS Olympiad Athens World Congress 2023, where we come together to recognize and celebrate the contributions made by individual presenters and journal authors to the scientific development of our field, and acknowledge contributions to our highest quality Aesthetic Education Worldwide ®

Following a keynote lecture, our award-winning Journal authors will present updates of the most cited and downloaded works of 2022, which will be followed by the announcement of award winners in all presentation categories of the Congress: Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded in each subject area as well as a special prize for the best presentation from an early career surgeon. Overall winners in each subject area will be invited as faculty to our next World Congress in Cartagena, Colombia. All submitting authors are encouraged to be present in order to receive their awards.

Award Winners

Ohmori Prize Lecture

The Ohmori Lecture will take place in the Trianti Auditorium, on Thursday, August 31, 2023 at 17:45.

Ohmori Prize was inaugurated in 1992, in recognition of the recipients’ individual lifetime achievements and contributions to the field of aesthetic plastic surgery.

Dr. Bahman Guyuron has been awarded this year’s Ohmori Lecture, talking about "The Perpetual Learning".

Winners for the most cited article published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal

Striae Distensae: In Vitro Study and Assessment of Combined Treatment with Sodium Ascorbate and Platelet-Rich Plasma on Fibroblasts,” by the authors Drs. Simone La Padula; Barbara Hersant; Chiara Pizza; Christophe Chesné; Agnes Jamin; Ismail Ben Mosbah; Concetta Errico; Francesco D’Andrea; Umberto Rega; Paolo Persichetti; and Jean Paul Meningaud.

Winners for the most downloaded article published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal

Avoiding Complications on the Upper Face Treatment with Botulinum Toxin: A Practical Guide” by Drs. André Borba; Suzana Matayoshi; Matheus Rodrigues.

After the awards presentations, you are welcome to enjoy an informal networking session and a taste of Cartagena, Colombia, our next Congress destination: June 11-15 2024.

We welcome you to take this opportunity to come together with friends and colleagues to acknowledge the accomplishments that shape our Aesthetic Education Worldwide.

Presentation Award Winners

Best Presentation by an Early-Career Surgeon

Milind Kachare - An Update on Optimizing Results in Circumferential Lipoabdominoplasty Procedures


Oral Communications
Gold: Ahmad Saad - From Liposuction to High-Definition Liposculpture: A Spectrum of Options
Silver: Milind Kachare - Refinement to the Split Gluteus Maximus Muscle Autologous Buttock Augmentation and Lift
Bronze: Rieka Taghizadeh - Application of Aesthetic Abdominoplasty Techniques in DIEP Flap Donor Site Closure: Improving Outcomes and Reducing Complications

Rapid Fire
Gold: Alexandros Dionyssopoulos - Delving Into Waterjet-Assisted Liposuction and Autologous Fat Transfer 
Silver: Malcolm Linsell - Drainless, Day Procedure, Abdominoplasty
Bronze: James Kanjoor - Avulsionplasty: A Physiologically Sound Excision Method in Body Contouring

Poster Discussion
Gold: Juan Esteban Sierra Mejia - Simplified Gluteoplasty
Silver: Monisha Kapoor - Butt Augmentation in Android Pelvis: Difficult Problem, New Solution
Bronze: Cetin Duygu - My Tummy Tuck Technique and My Experiences


Oral Communications
Gold: Gustavo Abrile - Treatment Options in Poland Syndrome
Silver: Andre Cervantes - Split Muscle Support: A Predictable Technique for Secondary Augmentation-Mastopexy
Bronze:  Evangelos Keramidas - A Simple Classification and a One-Stage Correction of Hypoplastic Tuberous Breast With the Muscle Splitting Dual Plane Breast Augmentation Technique, Round Silicone Implants and the Northwood Index

Rapid Fire
Gold: Michelle Andrea Itao - Quality of Life of Patients Who Underwent Mastectomy Alone Without Breast Reconstruction Versus Patients Who Underwent Mastectomy With Immediate Breast Reconstruction in a Tertiary Hospital from 2020–2021
Silver: Yawei Lai - The Vacuum-Assisted Breast Biopsy System With Power Assistant Liposuction Is an Effective Strategy for the Treatment of Gynecomastia
Bronze: Sarah Alkhonizy - Risk of Arm Lymphedema and Arm Morbidity After Breast Reconstruction: A Meta-Analysis

Poster Discussion
Gold: Thomas Rappl - Abscess Formation After Lipoaugmentation of the Breast: A Rare Complication
Silver: Federica Grieco - Breast Implant-Associated Squamous Cell Carcinoma: An Evidence-Based Systematic Review
Bronze: Agatha Koutsouveli - Is There a Relation Between Anatomical and Biometric Characteristics and Ideal Reduction Mammaplasty Technique? A Prospective Comparison Study


Oral Communications
Gold: Gerald O'Daniel - Demystifying Defining Safe Steps for Submandibular Gland Reduction
Silver: Ozan Sozer - Strategies in Neck Lift
Bronze: Saulius Viksraitis - Triplanar Face Lift Technique

Rapid Fire
Gold: Melinda Lacerna - No More Ectropion! Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation With Helium RF Plasma and Fat Grafting
Silver: Kai Kaye - Multilayer Facial Rejuvenation: From Skin to Bone
Bronze: Daniel Kalbermatten - Hybrid Face Lift: Combining Superficial and Deep Approach

Poster Discussion
Gold: Omid Amiri - Usefulness of a Cadaver Dissection Course for Plastic Surgery Residents in Facial Aesthetic Surgery
Silver: Parthena Deskoulidi - Gummy Smile Correction Using Lip Repositioning Surgery and Botulinum Toxin Injection
Bronze: Adrian Manjarrez - Long-Term Results in Periorbital Rejuvenation

Minimally Invasive

Oral Communications
Gold: Felmont Eaves - Tension Offloading With Force Modulating Tissue Bridges Improves Wound Healing in Elective Breast Surgery
Silver: Arthur Yu - A Novel Nose Tip Filler Injection Technique for Effective Nose Tip Lifting and Elongation
Bronze: Julia Real - Minimally Invasive Incisionless Otoplasty With an Anterior Approach

Rapid Fire
Gold: Abeer Abdulshakoor - Retrograde Versus Spot Botulinum Toxin Facial Injection
Silver: Julia Real - Kissability Technique: Functional and Aesthetic Approach of the Lips
Bronze: Mazen Bdour - Nose Lift Revisited

Poster Discussion
Gold: Ahmet Demir - An Experimental Study: Botox and Nicotine – How Effective Can It Be in Flap Surgery?
Silver: Smriti Nathani - Medical Protocol for Hair Restoration in Androgenic Alopecia/Patterned Hair Loss: Tamira Medical Protocol
Bronze: Monisha Kapoor - Dimpleplasty: New Simplified Technique

Other Surgical

Oral Communications
Gold: Kamol Pansritum - Rare Complications in Neovaginoplasty for Trans Female
Silver: James Kanjoor - Modified Subfascial Pocket in Trans Women Breast Augmentation
Bronze: Richard Fakin - Comparison of Two Different Male-to-Female Penile Skin Inversion Vaginoplasty Techniques and Their 5.5-Year Outcomes

Rapid Fire
Gold: Giulia Lo Russo - Masculine Chest-Wall Contouring in Trans AFAB Patients: A Personal Approach and a New Algorithm
Silver: Huizi Song - Primary Reconstruction of Abdominal Wall and Vulva Defect With the Tensor Fascia Lata Myocutaneous Flap in the Gynecologic Malignancies
Bronze: Kamol Pansritum - Metoidioplasty Using Combined Labial Ring Flap and Martius Flap Interposition in Trans Male

Poster Discussion
Gold: Anmol Chugh - Intraoral Silicone Chin Augmentation: Safe and Secure
Silver: Manoj Khanna - Innovations to Improve Scars in Plastic Aesthetic Surgery
Bronze: Federica Grieco - Prevention of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema: An Up-to-Date Systematic Review of Different Surgical Approaches

Practice Management/Patient Safety

Oral Communications
Gold: Austin Chen - Demystifying Public Understanding, Interest and the Search Process for Aesthetic Procedures
Silver: Georgios Karamitros - Human Capital and Productivity in Plastic Surgery Research During COVID-19: An Artificial Intelligence Approach
Bronze: Pepe Delgado - How to Succeed in Instagram Without Posting Before and After Pictures

Rapid Fire
Gold: Marie Jaeger - Breast Implant Rotation Assessment Using Ultrasound: A Case Series From the International Breast Implant Check Clinic
Silver: Sarah Alkhonizy - Effect of Tranexamic Acid on the Reduction of Blood Loss in Craniosynostosis Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of 9,739 Craniosynostosis Surgeries
Bronze: Todd Dow - Does Combining Abdominoplasty With Bilateral Breast Reduction Surgery Increase the Risk of Complications: A 10-Year Retrospective Analysis

Poster Discussion
Gold: Pepe Delgado - The Secret Behind Selling High Ticket Plastic Surgery Services
Silver: Sebastian Nischwitz - Leadership in Healthcare: The Stepchild of Medicine
Bronze: Georgios Karamitros - The Impact of COVID-19 on Graduate Medical Education: International Evidence From Plastic Surgery

Regenerative Medicine

Oral Communications
Gold: Afzaal Bashir - Mensenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Perianal and Genital Pathologies
Silver: Tsai-Ming Lin - A Decade Journey of Fat Transplantation for Facial Rejuvenation
Bronze: Elena Giardini - Combined Use of Stem Cells and Two Laser Technologies: A New Minimally Invasive Frontier in Non-Surgical Rejuvenation of Face and Neck and the Key Role of Stem Cells

Rapid Fire
Gold: Manoj Khanna - Innovations to Optimize and Excel Harvest in Hair Transplantation
Silver: Richard Chaffoo - Hair Restoration Update for Plastic Surgeons in 2023
Bronze: Sebastian Nischwitz - Wound Oxygenation or Inflammation: Where Lies the Future of Scar Therapy?


Oral Communications
Gold: Mirza Firat - Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty: More Precise Surgery, Less Revision Rates
Silver: Vladislav Ribnikar - Piezo Rhinoplasty
Bronze: Eunsoo Park - Aesthetic Nasal Lobule Correction Using a Three-Dimensional Printed PCL Implant

Rapid Fire
Gold: Caroline Dal Bosco - The Use of Alar Extension Grafts and Nostril Cartilage Grafts in Rhinoplasty to Correct Nasal Deformity After Cleft Lip Surgery
Silver: Yang An - Snake-Shaped ePTFE Nasal Tip Graft Combined With Conchal Cartilage in Asian Rhinoplasty: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Bronze: Kapil Agrawal - Skin Only Excision and Alar Rim Triangular Flap Technique for Ala Reduction: Preserving Natural Alar Contour, Recreating Natural Ala Base and Alar Facial Groove

Poster Discussion
Gold: Giray Genç - Dorsal Preservation Rhinoplasty in Patients With Long Nasal Bone
Silver: Xavier Dong - Rhinoplasty in 2021 and Beyond! OpenAI ChatGPT
Bronze: Ayhan Isik Erdal - Simplified Septal Stabilization in Closed-Approach Low-Septal-Resection Dorsal Preservation Rhinoplasty