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Dr. Lorne Rosenfield

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Burlingame, CA
ISAPS Expert Dr. Lorne Rosenfield

Burlingame, CA

Dr. Lorne Rosenfield

Dr. Lorne Rosenfield

  • Peninsula Plastic Surgery, Inc.
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Peninsula Plastic Surgery Inc.

This mature solo private practice is located outside of San Francisco in Silicon Valley. The practice is entirely dedicated to aesthetic surgery with an emphasis on facial rejuvenation and body contouring surgery and houses a full-service skin care program. All surgeries are conducted in a private, in-office operating room. The office also supports a charitable foundation for the delivery of reconstructive surgery to the uninsured and is actively involved in residency education at both the Stanford and UCSF plastic surgery program. Visiting residents are always welcome and encouraged to participate in the writing of clinical scientific papers.


Interested in visiting Dr. Lorne Rosenfield at Peninsula Plastic Surgery Inc?

Useful Information


The duration of this visit 1-2 weeks.


Yes, licensure is required for this visit.


The ISAPS Expert program does not provide a salary.


Housing will not be provided during your visit.

During their visit, the visitor can expect to observe these surgical subjects and techniques:

  • Facial Surgery: Pinch Rhytidoplasty/Pinch Blepharoplasty techniques and CO2 laser resurfacing
  • Breast Surgery: Submammary periareolar technique
  • Abdominal Surgery: High Tension, Fleur-de-lys and Reverse Abdominoplasty techniques

During their visit, the visitor can expect to observe these non-surgical subjects and techniques:

  • All Injectables
  • Skin Care
  • Aesthetic practice/surgery center growth, care and feeding