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ISAPS Resident Webinar: Basics in Breast Reduction and Post-MWL

  • Non-Members $100.00

Join our speakers at 1 PM UTC as they take us through the basics in breast reduction and post-MWL. Come ready with questions to ask our experts directly about this topic! 

Speakers: Gustavo Jimenez Munoz Ledo, Md (Mexico), Hisham El Minawi, Md (Egypt), Tiago Baptista-Fernandes, Md (Portugal) and Nawaf Otaibi, Md (Saudi Arabia)

Moderators: Rieka Taghizadeh, Md (United Kingdom) and Daniel Comparin, Res. (Argentina)

Lecture Topics:

  1. Ideal Breast Reduction, Based in Anatomy - Gustavo Jimenez Munoz Ledo, Md (Mexico)
  2. Planning and Marking for Breast Reduction - Hisham El Minawi, Md (Egypt)
  3. Breast Reshaping in MWL Patients - Tiago Baptista-Fernandes, Md (Portugal)
  4. Augmentation Mastopexy in MWL Patients: Things to Consider - Nawaf Otaibi, Md (Saudi Arabia)