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Resident Webinar: Basics in Hair Transplants

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Join our speakers as they take us through the basics of hair transplants. Come ready with questions to ask our experts directly about this topic! 

Speakers: Manoj Khanna, Md (India), Carlos Uebel, Phd (Brazil), Zekeriya Kul, Md (Turkiye) and Alfonso Barrera, Md (United States)          

Moderators: Sergio Korzin, Md (Argentina) and Hector Ortiz, Res (Mexico)

Lecture Topics:

  1. Hair Transplant, Experience of More Than 26 Years - Manoj Khanna, Md (India)
  2. Bald Surgery, Different Techniques - Carlos Uebel, Phd (Brazil)
  3. FUE Hair Transplantation - Stick and Place Method: Planning and Surgery - Zekeriya Kul, Md (Turkiye)
  4. Combined Facelift and Transplantation in a Single Session - Alfonso Barrera, Md (United States)