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Dr. Argentina Vidrascu

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ISAPS Expert Dr. Argentina Vidrascu

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Dr. Argentina Vidrascu

Dr. Argentina Vidrascu

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Argentina Vidrascu MD., PhD., is a rhinoplasty surgeon based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Transylvania) at her private clinic, Clinica Ortomed A. B. She is a consultant in Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgery with 20 years of experience in rhinoseptoplasty, septoplasty, cleft nose rhinoseptoplasty and facial flap reconstructive surgery. 

Clinica Ortomed A.B.

Interested in visiting Dr. Argentina Vidrascu in Cluj-Napoca, Romania?

Useful Information


The visit can last for 1-2 months.


The visitor must be a senior resident in plastic surgery or a fully trained plastic surgeon.


The ISAPS Expert program does not provide a salary.


Housing will not be provided during your visit.